Aphrodite - A high precision medical color measurement device

UX-Development for a medical handheld color measurement device

Aphrodite is a handheld color sensing device for a variety of applications in dermatology, skin physiology, aesthetics and cosmetics. A multifunctional color sensor system that has been specifically developed for medical applications is leveraged for high-precision color sensing.

The device contains a custom mobile hardware platform that runs an adapted version of the Android operating system.


  • Android UI-development & UX-Design for a custom hardware platform. Project period: 2011/12
    Color sensing technology developed by JENCOLOR and MAZeT GmbH (now ams), Jena, Germany in cooperation with the Dermatological department of the University-Hospital Jena. Device enclosure provided by ART-KON-TOR, Jena.
    This work was partially funded by the TAB - Thüringer Aufbaubank.