ARS Electronica 2019 – Der Springende Punkt (Bubbles & Clouds)

Interactive pressure-stabilized membrane structures (“Pneus”) are suspended from the ceiling, discreetly illuminated from the inside. As visitors pass through the room, through touch and draughts, the objects respond. Attempts to elucidate the objects creates a dialogue of light, sound and movement. In the course of the casual interaction, the visitors become part of a performance. The boundaries between viewer and performer, space and content begin to drift – bubbles wafting in clouds.

Beyond the aesthetic experience, this inflatable structure is also an experiment leading towards a novel class of malleable technological objects - based on pneumatic structures with embedded electronics and logic - that question the current manifestations of technology - the ubiquitous rigid black box.

  • Sound-reactive installation at ARS Electronica 2019 (Sept. 5th-9th 2019) as part of the Bauhaus Centenary Exhibition 'Shared Habitats' Der Springende Punkt (Bubbles & Clouds) Pneumatic Membrane Structures, Electronics, Air, Light
    (Leftmost photo by Tom Mesic for Ars Electronica 2019 CC-BY-NC-ND)