BauhausUniVisor - Covid-19 Lasercut Face Shield Fabrication Study

An ad-hoc initiative to develop and distribute a Covid-19 Faceshield that can be made on any laser cutter in less than one minute. In cooperation with Prof. Andreas Mühlenberend and Vertr. Prof. Jason Reizner

one material
one process
one minute

The BauhausUniVisor is an open-source Covid-19, developed and optimized at the Bauhaus Form + Function Lab, that can be made on any laser cutter in under one minute.

Production files or the BauhausUniVisor and an assembly guide (pdf), instruction leaftlet (pdf, german) are available in our GitHub repository:

The design is optimized to fabricate 500+ face shields day on a single 120W lasercutter per day. Our local production runs on on three machines simultaneously. An industrial mass production strategy is currently being developed.

The entire production is donated to care homes, hospitals, healthcare institutions and essential businesses, please get in touch for visor requests.

Production files are available under a Creative Commons License (CC-BY-NC-SA) for non-commercial fabrication. (If you are a manufacturer and would like produce and distribute the design: please get in touch).

Production Files:
BauhausUniVisor GitHub repository

The BauhausUniVisor Team:
Prof. Andreas Mühlenberend / Resolutdesign
Vertr. Prof. Jason Reizner / Bauhaus Form + Function Lab
Kristian Gohlke, M.Sc. Digital Media
Darko Velazquez

UPDATE - Press release on the project

UPDATE - A faceshield version with closed top is currently in progress. Stay tuned for updates!

UPDATE - German television reports

UPDATE - Bauhaus.Journal reports on the 'Schlierenspiegel' test



  • Production Optimization, Prototyping, Product Management and Coordination March 2020 until the end of the pandemic...
    Faceshield design by Prof. Andreas Mühlenberend / Resolutdesign Photos & assembly video by Darko Velazquez